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Spicy Tuna Don


Spicy tuna served over sushi rice, garnished with seaweed, sesame seeds, and scallions. This dish is a raw fish item served with miso soup.

Add Volcano Style to the Spicy Tuna Don for $1.00 extra! Volcano style includes: unagi sauce, spicy mayo, and crunchy tempura flakes.

Bento Lunch Box

Choose between:

  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Yakiniku (Teriyaki beef)
  • Teriyaki Pork
  • Ginger Pork
  • Akuma (Spicy pork)
  • Gyoza (Japanese pork and vegetable dumplings – 7 pieces)

Served with: rice, edamame, seaweed salad, and potato salad.

Japanese Culture

Unique recipes strait from Japan! Try any of our many dishes in order to get a real taste of Japanese cuisine.